Spotlight: Steve Himmer

I skyped Steve Himmer today. Never spoke to him before. I may never again. But I gotta admit, I like the guy. He teaches in the first-year writing program at Emerson College in Boston, which is pretty cool. I have a few friends up there. He’s a mentor to a graduate writing students, which I … Continue reading

Best of Write from Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, Artists, Life-livers, and World-Inhabitants, In order to achieve greatness, you must set goals. In order to set goals, you must dream. In order to dream, you must impress your imagination. Write from Wrong started from my imagination a little more than a year ago from today. With the help of WfW’s 5 editors, … Continue reading

Spotlight Author: Mark Bowden’s Recipe for Success

For Mark Bowden, the recipe for success has always been pretty clear. “Be stubborn,” he advises. “Find a way to do work that you really want to do. If you do well, people will want to read it.” Mark Bowden has followed this mantra since his days as the Editor-in-Chief of the Loyola Greyhound student … Continue reading

Spotlight Author: Writing for the Right Reasons

“The Party of Publishing” Publishing is not always a party, no pun intended, for any author especially those going through the process for the first time. But JC McCreary, author of the recently published fiction novel, The Party, was willing to share some of her experiences with us here at Write from Wrong. A Capitol … Continue reading

Spotlight Author: The Writer’s Muse

How does one better their craft? You can practice, practice, practice; or you can do it the old fashion way and teach. Everyday we learn something new, but we must hold fire with those who teach us in order to complete the circle of learning. You teach me. I’ll teach you. Learning is always mutual. … Continue reading

Spotlight Author: Right To Write

In our very first issue, we have two extremely talented writers we shed the spotlight on. Both of these writers- Reginald Harris and Ron Tanner are paragons of what a writer strives to become. (Click names to take you to their individual sites. Read down below for more fun from the Write From Wrong Staff). … Continue reading

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