Best of Write From Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Anyone Who Was Ever Told They Couldn’t Do Something In Life, I hope you tried. I hope you gave it your all. I hope that if you love something, you promise to put everything you can possibly give into it. I hope because myself along with 7 others (Siobhan, Greg, Taylor, Hayley, Keith, Courtney, … Continue reading

Film Review: A Separation

Review by Keith Gaboury Written and directed by Asghar Farhadi, A Separation is set in contemporary Iran and chronicles a melodramatic family drama. In the first scene, the film establishes the thread woven throughout: Simin (Leila Hatami) wants to divorce her husband Nader (Peyman Moaadi) because he refuses to move to a European country where … Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Twenty-First Issue

Dear Readers, Lovers, and Fighters through the use of a Pen, Elizabeth Bishop ends her Five Flights Up poem with the line, (A yesterday I find almost impossible to lift). This line resonated deep within my soul because like our past, yesterday will almost always be impossible to forget about. In writing, yesterday is always … Continue reading

Reviews: 2011 Poets Forum

The Academy of American Poets Present the 2011 Poets Forum By Keith Gaboury The Academy of American Poets presented the 2011 Poet’s Forum in New York City. On October 21st, the first panel of the day was titled “Vision & Innovation in Contemporary Poetry” with poets Cathy Park Hong, Ilya Kaminsky, and Evie Shockley. Shockley … Continue reading

Reviews: Love Versus Terrorism by Nikhi Parekh

Review: Love Versus Terrorism by Nikhi Parekh –Keith Gaboury There’s nothing timid about Nikhi Parekh’s Love Versus Terrorism. The ambitious poet clearly states his overarching thesis in his introduction: “In a planet usurped today by graveyards of terrorism, this poetic collection imparts enlightenment, optimism, courage, and an eternal desire to breathe free.” While that’s undoubtedly … Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Fourteenth Issue

Dear Literary & Art Fanatics, Welcome to the fourteenth installment of Write From Wrong Literary Magazine. In our short, summer issue, we have put together an awing collection of works from all over the world. Summer is going by fast and just like this short, quick issue, you’ll want to reread this issue like you’ll … Continue reading

Best of Write from Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, Artists, Life-livers, and World-Inhabitants, In order to achieve greatness, you must set goals. In order to set goals, you must dream. In order to dream, you must impress your imagination. Write from Wrong started from my imagination a little more than a year ago from today. With the help of WfW’s 5 editors, … Continue reading

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