Best of Write From Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Anyone Who Was Ever Told They Couldn’t Do Something In Life, I hope you tried. I hope you gave it your all. I hope that if you love something, you promise to put everything you can possibly give into it. I hope because myself along with 7 others (Siobhan, Greg, Taylor, Hayley, Keith, Courtney, … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Poetry

Poetry can be defined as the language the soul uses to express emotions. With that said, poets April Chye, Sandra Florence, Changming Yuan, Keith Moul, Lynda Bullerwell, and Holly Day have translated their souls onto paper which has earned them a spot in our annual Best of the Year Issue. “While at Write From Wrong … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Black History Poems

The poems below were chosen by the Write From Wrong editors to acknowledge National African-American History month. The poets below have lead and are also leading the way for many poets today. Their work shows appreciation for not only black culture, but also an universal culture that we all share as Americans. Very special thank … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Pragmatic Poems

2 Poems by Keith Gaboury 2 Poems by Donald Vincent Tattoo by Keith Gaboury Robert Frank’s The Americans Public park — Cleveland, Ohio; 1955 / 1956 I. Her curves tell the story: you stepped inside a tattoo shop and demanded the perfect woman: hips swaying to the bend of a road; eyes asserting she is … Continue reading

Palpable Poetry

Here at WFW, we’re always looking out for that raw quality—something to make your jaw drop, like Denis Diderot once wrote: “Poetry must have something in it that is barbaric, vast and wild.” We hope these poems do just that for you—whether it’s through Day’s “Dinner” with Jesus, Gamutan’s “College Love” recollections, Soto’s “Blighted Spirit” … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Pantomorphic Poetry

August lurches on and fall waits in the wings, but these poems offer an escape—they’ll lift you up and out of your own temporality, connect you with something larger, greater, lasting. Enjoy Bullerwell’s wistful moments, Hansen’s philosophical play, Ritta’s manifest exploration, and Beck’s almost surreal glimpses of life. –Siobhan Watson, Managing Editor Poems by Lynda … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Page-Turning Poetry

This month’s poetry will take you across the US and into international waters, too–poets inspired by the places they are, they places they’ve been, and the places they have yet to visit. While Kelly’s collection masterfully bounces from Louisiana to Oregon, Parrish’s gives an intimate glance of his favorite “Watering Hole”; Gilbert’s gives readers a … Continue reading

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