Best of Write from Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, Artists, Life-livers, and World-Inhabitants, In order to achieve greatness, you must set goals. In order to set goals, you must dream. In order to dream, you must impress your imagination. Write from Wrong started from my imagination a little more than a year ago from today. With the help of WfW’s 5 editors, … Continue reading

Editor’s Note- Sixth Issue

Hello, our lovely, loving readers. Welcome! For the 6th issue, the Write From Wrong staff has decided to showcase some of our best work in our “Editor’s Issue.” One of the scariest and most beautiful things about writing is the community, the sharing and baring of your soul to any and everyone. Well, WFW family, … Continue reading

Spotlight Editor: “Rapid Growth” a Personal Essay

In this segment, Courtney McNamara gets real personal in an essay not only about rapidly growing cancer cells, but also the personal growth as one matures and grows older. With no further ado, we present to you: “Rapid Growth.” “Rapid Growth” Chemotherapy kills the rapidly dividing cells in your body. This includes the problem, the … Continue reading

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