Best of Write From Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Anyone Who Was Ever Told They Couldn’t Do Something In Life, I hope you tried. I hope you gave it your all. I hope that if you love something, you promise to put everything you can possibly give into it. I hope because myself along with 7 others (Siobhan, Greg, Taylor, Hayley, Keith, Courtney, … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Poetry

Poetry can be defined as the language the soul uses to express emotions. With that said, poets April Chye, Sandra Florence, Changming Yuan, Keith Moul, Lynda Bullerwell, and Holly Day have translated their souls onto paper which has earned them a spot in our annual Best of the Year Issue. “While at Write From Wrong … Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Twenty-Third Issue

Dear Writers, Dreamers, Believers, There is so much to say. First things first, I must say Happy National Poetry Month. We are already halfway through the month and if you haven’t celebrated yet,then make sure you’re at least able to stuff your face with some great poetry. In our penultimate issue for the year, we … Continue reading

Poetry: National Poetry Month

Dearest Readers, National Poetry Month is upon us once again. Charles Bukowski once wrote, “Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.” I’ve often puzzled over what he meant, but lately, as I trudge through academic articles and conference presentations until I feel as though I couldn’t write another word, I get it. When my … Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Twenty-Second Issue

Dear Artists, Writers, and most importantly – Believers, I must first take the time to say, hello Spring! And with the flowers almost in full bloom and the winds beginning to warm up, this issue echoes that same sentiment. Our poetry section this issue features weather friendly words from some terrific poets. (Disclaimer: We won’t … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Pullulating Poetry

March begins in winter and ends in spring—and so do this month’s poems. Begin with Owen’s “The Winter Nest,” warm yourself up along the way with West’s indelible ink(l)ings and Moul’s idiomatic interscriptions. And, yes, erin-cilberto is right—“After all that, Spring…” Enjoy, Siobhan Watson, Managing Editor Catherine Owen Catherine Owen has published nine collections of … Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Twenty-First Issue

Dear Readers, Lovers, and Fighters through the use of a Pen, Elizabeth Bishop ends her Five Flights Up poem with the line, (A yesterday I find almost impossible to lift). This line resonated deep within my soul because like our past, yesterday will almost always be impossible to forget about. In writing, yesterday is always … Continue reading

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