Editor’s Note – Editors’ Issue

Dearest Readers, It is with much pleasure that I present to you our second Editors’ Issue. In honor of the tremendous support and submissions that we received over the course of the year, we felt the need to spread holiday cheer by showing our readers what we’ve been up to in the writing world. We … Continue reading

Gertrude Buck: A Stylistic Analysis of Poetry

Originally presented at the 2011 Feminisms & Rhetoric Conference “Then listen, while I sing”: The Poetry of Gertrude Buck by Siobhan Watson Epigraphs, or “Words to loose the thoughts that are languishing, dumb and in prison.” “Errata 1: Defiant/Deviant women 2: the works of such women, for example their books, which from the patriarchal perspective … Continue reading

Life After Loss: For Emily Cotter Hauze

“Those who are dead are not dead They’re just living my head And since I fell for that spell I am living there as well, oh Time is so short and I’m sure There must be something more” -Colplay, “42” About two months ago, life changed. It seems like a moot point to say that … Continue reading

Editor’s Note – Fourteenth Issue

Dear Literary & Art Fanatics, Welcome to the fourteenth installment of Write From Wrong Literary Magazine. In our short, summer issue, we have put together an awing collection of works from all over the world. Summer is going by fast and just like this short, quick issue, you’ll want to reread this issue like you’ll … Continue reading

Best of Write from Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, Artists, Life-livers, and World-Inhabitants, In order to achieve greatness, you must set goals. In order to set goals, you must dream. In order to dream, you must impress your imagination. Write from Wrong started from my imagination a little more than a year ago from today. With the help of WfW’s 5 editors, … Continue reading

Editor’s Note- Seventh Issue

Dearest Readers, T’is the season to be jolly. Not just because the holidays are here, but because our seventh issue completes our issues for the 2010 year. This issue is packed with plenty of gifts; and if you’re feeling frugal for the holidays, simply take any poem from the Promising Poem section or any of … Continue reading

Editor’s Note- Sixth Issue

Hello, our lovely, loving readers. Welcome! For the 6th issue, the Write From Wrong staff has decided to showcase some of our best work in our “Editor’s Issue.” One of the scariest and most beautiful things about writing is the community, the sharing and baring of your soul to any and everyone. Well, WFW family, … Continue reading

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