Best of Write From Wrong: Spotlights

“The Louder Than A Bomb Spotlight stuck out to me, not only because I was able to partake in Massachusetts’s first LTAB poetry slam, but because it brings together youth from all over the state with the poetry as the unifying interest. LTAB brings out the talents of the youth, which is inspiring to people of all ages.” – Donald Vincent, Editor-in-Chief

“I hope that the works from our Spotlights in Write From Wrong will widen readers’ eyes into a new perspective of the world.” – Keith Gaboury, Book Review Editor

Louder Than A Bomb Spotlight
826 National Spotlight

[On Sunday February 12, 2012 the greatest musical artists of the year were honored at this year’s Grammy Awards.  Talent ranging from country singer Taylor Swift to rap icons Jay-Z and Kanye West were recognized- all amid the tacit devastation of the tragic death of the legendary Whitney Houston. Stars honored the passing of the phenomenal woman with the unforgettable voice, and new monumental voices were recognized, most notably the raw talent of the British phenomenon Adele.  All of these voices, winners or not, go home at the end of the night as celebrities, glorified for their craft.  It is time to draw attention to another incredible display of talent in its own right, the art of spoken poetry.  This art form does not grace the radio airwaves (maybe sometimes on NPR) and does not occupy top sales charts of iTunes.  However, there is a celebration that honors not professionals but youth with uninhibited talent, sharing their stories at Chicago’s Louder Than A Bomb poetry festival.] – Courtney McNamara

[Most kids growing up hear all too often how they are the future, the hope for our nation.  It is easy to see why we all rolled our eyes when we heard this, and why the notion of becoming a mover and shaker can seem exhausting.  But what if you had professional writers within your reach offering guidance?  Tutors who actually cared about your success, and wanted to work with you one-on-one because they too had a passion for writing?  It is refreshing to know that there are writing programs springing up around the country attempting to water the seed that will ultimately shrivel up and die as children lose site of their potential too early in life.] – Courtney McNamara


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