Best of Write From Wrong: Fiction

“This story paints a clear picture in my mind of the close relationship shared with the young narrator and his grandfather. I love the way the grandfather crafts these whimsical metaphors, using nature to teach his grandson. Wexelblatt writes beautiful, poet descriptions” – Hayley Battaglia, Fiction Editor

“The beauty of this story lies in its simplicity. Death can be a difficult topic for any writer to handle, but Diane does so in a way that makes the character’s loneliness seem peaceful.” – Courtney McNamara, Spotlight Editor

“Just Around the Corner” (Framed Fiction: March 2012 Issue) – Diane L. Merkel-Fiorito
“His-Wei’s Grandfather” (Fain Fiction: February 2012 Issue) – Robert Wexelblatt

[A gentle breeze sweeps across my body. Strands of wiry, silver hair tickle my cheek, sticking to my ruby painted lips.  The air strokes my wrinkled palms and I think I could feel his hands in mine.  I don’t want to let go, so I squeeze.  I squeeze so tight that when I finally open my fingers, I can see dents in my skin from where my nails had been.  I’ve stood on this ground every day for years, never once free from the guilt for being on the opposite side of the dirt from him.  Every day that passes brings me closer to him; I am so close, I could almost feel his breath on my face again.  Our reunion is just around the corner now.  My heart won’t hold out much longer; that is what all those doctors keep telling me.  To be honest, I don’t even know how I lasted this long.  Parts of it have been chipping away since the moment he was taken from me.] – Just Around the Corner  by Diane Merkel-Fiorito

[One summer afternoon my grandfather took my hand and walked me all the way to the Pavilion of the Five Virtues.  I couldn’t have been more than five years old at the time.  Did he speak to me about the five virtues?  I expect he did.  To lecture on obedience, courage, humility, thrift, and honesty was the usual purpose of bringing children to the Pavilion. My grandfather was a lean, strong man, a real soldier who always stood erect, who marched rather than walked.  I was rather frightened of him.] – Hsi-Wei’s Grandfather by Robert Wexelblatt


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