Best of Write From Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Anyone Who Was Ever Told They Couldn’t Do Something In Life,

I hope you tried. I hope you gave it your all. I hope that if you love something, you promise to put everything you can possibly give into it. I hope because myself along with 7 others (Siobhan, Greg, Taylor, Hayley, Keith, Courtney, Paulina) have tried our hardest to give you nothing but the best product we could offer. We all hoped. We all dreamed. And as we reflect over the past year, our dreams have come true which is why we present to you our second Best of the Year Issue.

We hope you enjoy revisiting these pieces as much as we did putting them together for all our readers, loyal everyday readers, and even you- the first time visitor. If this is your first time, we know you’ll be back for more.

This will be our last issue until September as we strive to give you an even better product for the upcoming year. We will still be accepting submissions over the summer, so if you’re feeling creative, we want to see what you have to offer. Our biggest thanks goes out to all our supporters as well as our submitters because without you, Write From Wrong could not exists.

If you think you’ll miss us over the summer, we plan to become very active on our Tumblr site. We are also beginning to venture out into the world of Instagram as well, so be sure to look us up on there as well because we will be posting some of our best photos we’ve received since Write From Wrong’s conception. And as always, you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter – we promise to follow back.

But enough of the social media talk. Don’t forget to check out the Best of our second year. These selections will not let you down. From Spotlights on poetry slams to getting wet with poetry, we have it all available for you to view whenever you’d like. The fiction will dazzle and see why the nonfiction is creative. Looking for something visually appealing, don’t forget to check out our favorite photos.

On behalf of the Editors at Write From Wrong, it has been a pleasure bringing you all your literary fixes. And remember, if you crave great literature, we are what you need.

Best Spotlights
Best Poetry
Best Photography & Art
Best Reviews
Best Creative Nonfiction
Best Fiction

From the bottom to the top of my heart (and everything in the middle) – Love, love,
Donald Vincent


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