Poetry: National Poetry Month

Dearest Readers,

National Poetry Month is upon us once again.

Charles Bukowski once wrote, “Poetry is what happens when nothing else can.” I’ve often puzzled over what he meant, but lately, as I trudge through academic articles and conference presentations until I feel as though I couldn’t write another word, I get it. When my mind is numb and I can’t express what I try to, the poetry tumbles in. Sometimes it’s snippets of Atwood’s “Pig Song,” memorized in years past, and sometimes a line of my own making— but in it tumbles, carrying me through and reinvigorating my belief in the power of language. Poetry is there even when we think–or fear–it’s left us.

Here’s a list of our favorite poets for National Poetry Month. We suggests a simple Google search of these poets or even a trip to your local bookstore to support their work.

Donald: Elizabeth Bishop, Matthew Dickman, and Kay Ryan.
Siobhan: Walt Whitman, Margaret Atwood, and Jeffrey McDaniel.
Taylor: Bob Dylan, Buddy Wakefield, Allen Ginsberg, and David St. John.
Hayley: Wilfred Owen, W.B. Yeats, and Billy Collins.
Greg: Homer, Allen Ginsberg, and Robert Frost.
Courtney: Federico Lorca, Jack Kerouac, and Jocelyn Emerson.
Keith Gaboury: Anthony Hecht, Naomi Nye, and Thomas Lux.

Best wishes for a happy National Poetry Month.

With Love,
Siobhan Watson
Managing Editor


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