Editor’s Note – Twenty-Third Issue

Dear Writers, Dreamers, Believers,

There is so much to say. First things first, I must say Happy National Poetry Month. We are already halfway through the month and if you haven’t celebrated yet,then make sure you’re at least able to stuff your face with some great poetry.

In our penultimate issue for the year, we have a few goodies in store for you. Spotlight Editor Courtney McNamara has taken an adventure into the realm of spoken word poetry and discusses that journey in a correspondence with poet and arts advocate Holly Bass.

Bass says, “Our culture likes to treat poetry as an elitist form. It’s not. It should be integrated into our daily lives, like music or water.” In an effort to integrate the vice of poetry into the everyday live of our readers, instead of publishing poems this issue, the editors decided to list a few of our favorite poets for you to enjoy.

This issue also features reviews, both music and books. “Skin, Inc” by Thomas Sayers Ellis receives a thumbs up from our Book review editor, while Delta Spirit’s self-titled album achieves a few great moments according to Taylor, our Music Editor.

Thanks to our Creative Nonfiction and Fiction pieces this issue, we overall have a great issue that we hope you are all pleased with.

Please keep our Photography & Arts editor in your thoughts. We would like to take this time to wish her a speedy recovery.

But before I go, next month’s issue will be our Best of the Year Issue. We have a lot of things in store in the upcoming year which will only make things better for our readers.

Don’t forget to check out Write From Wrong on the web to help us build our social media presence. We love to interact with our readers and submitters. Our usernames are below:

Twitter: @WriteFrom_Wrong
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/WriteFromWrong
Tumblr: WriteFromWrongMag.Tumblr.com
Instagram: WriteFromWrong

Looking forward to following you all back,
Donald Vincent


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