Photography & Arts: Reflections of My Truths

Happy New Year!

The month of January is name named after the Greek god Janus, protector and guardian of doorways.  Today, we are linked to the ancients by a calendar that symbolizes similar beginnings, even thousands of years later.

As we step through the threshold of 2012 I find myself ruminating on the habits I want to foster, and the ones I want to leave finished in the year past. It seems like these first steps allow us the freedom to change—and the garner the fear that shaky footing lies ahead in foggy pathways of the future. Such is life—the ying-and-yang of darkness and light.

Having been focused on self-actualization long before Maslow’s term rang in my ears in Psych 101, I’ve made more to-do lists than I can remember—or really imagine—at this point. And indeed, on New Year’s Eve I there I was with pad of paper at the bar trying to imagine the positive energy I wanted to beckon into the blossoming new chapter of life.

What did I come up with?

Five goals that centering around happiness, love, friendship, hard work, and spirituality. “Goals” that have no beginning or finale —ideas, hopes, dreams whose core has been a part of human existence since before even our ancestors put a chisel to a tablet and decided to chronicle this idea of time.

I have a certain feeling that 2012 will be a whirlwind for the world, and stability and transformation will have to learn to salsa together on the Universal floor in order for any positive change to occur. After all, the world is ending, people.

Just kidding… but who knows? How would you live your life is that was an absolute truth?

The collection of photos this month manifests reflections of my truth—they are yours to interpret. And next month, I hope to share yours.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new year, with bright steps always full of hope.

Paulina Stachnik
Photography & Arts Editor


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