Editor’s Note – Twentieth Issue

Dear Readers & Achievers, Happy New Year. And along with a fresh start comes new beginnings and surprises. Just the other day, I stumbled across a lovely poetry book store in the heart of Cambridge, thus the surprising began. On sale for $40 was Next: New Poems, an autographed book of poems by the late … Continue reading

Spotlight: 826 National

The Future Inventors and Caretakers of Our World Most kids growing up hear all too often how they are the future, the hope for our nation.  It is easy to see why we all rolled our eyes when we heard this, and why the notion of becoming a mover and shaker can seem exhausting.  But … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Pabulous Poetry

Winter is finally here, but don’t let the cold make you blue! Cozy up with these vesuviating verses—Stout’s gritty glimpses of the everyday, Florence’s beautiful imagery, and Crate’s surreal snapshots should keep you warm. Best, Siobhan Watson Managing & Poetry Editor Brett Stout Brett Stout is a 32 year-old artist and writer living in Myrtle Beach, SC. He … Continue reading

Reviews: A Conversation Between Jane Hirshfield & Leslie McGrath

*Click here for the link to: “Human Lives: A Conversation Between Jane Hirshfield and Leslie McGrath” I recently stumbled upon “Human Lives: A Conversation Between Jane Hirshfield and Leslie McGrath” and was quite excited to do so. It was published in the November 2011 feature of VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. Hirshfield expressed her views … Continue reading

Top Ten Albums of 2012

Looking ahead, here is our list of albums to look forward to this year. Judging by our list compiled by Taylor DeBoer, 2012 proves to be an interesting year for music. This list explores the (predicted) top ten albums of 2012. If I were to include a most anticipated albums list it’d most certainly be … Continue reading

Fiction Section: Facundity Fiction

Frank Wagner has been writing short fiction for the past two years, and has had some success as artist in the years previous. He is currently working on a collection of short fiction, of which this is one small sample. MUTINY Day after day, day after day, we stuck, nor sound nor motion; as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. … Continue reading

Photography & Arts: Reflections of My Truths

Happy New Year! The month of January is name named after the Greek god Janus, protector and guardian of doorways.  Today, we are linked to the ancients by a calendar that symbolizes similar beginnings, even thousands of years later. As we step through the threshold of 2012 I find myself ruminating on the habits I … Continue reading

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