Top Five Albums of 2011

Top 5 Records of 2011 (In No Particular Order)

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

Have you listened to the record? Buy it, download it, steal it, burn it, conjure it. Its fresh, retro, pure, angelic, haunting, and harmonic. Helplessness Blues is (almost) as good as their face-melting self-titled first record. Helplessness Blues – Fleet Foxes

Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Girls may be the best new band. Their first record was catchy and brisk while their second effort, Father, Son, Holy Ghost is tender and terrifying. Chris Owens is a former Children of God Cult member who’s lyrics are too honest. Imagine Kurt Cobain with nothing but Beach Boys LPs. Father, Son, Holy Ghost (Bonus Track Version) – Girls

Destroyer – Kaputt

I have been very late on the Destroyer bandwagon and I am very sorry. Kaputt is perplexing. The instrumentation is fluid, layered, but sparse. The lyrics are quirky and quick. Dan Bejar’s mix of synth/jazz textures and clever lyrics make for a 2011 best of. Kaputt – Destroyer

Bright Eyes – The People’s Key

Bright Eyes is all over the place. Cassadaga (2007) was overproduced and an alt-country contrivance. The People’s Key is sci-fi rock, it’s weird, and it’s real. Although Oberst’s atmospheric lyrics may turn off some of his early emo followers, the growth is tremendous. As polarizing as Bright Eyes can be, there ability to evolve is impressive and their newest effort is a testament to that. The People’s Key – Bright Eyes

Wilco – The Whole Love

Summerteeth. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. A Ghost is Born. The Whole Love. Those four records define Wilco’s career. If they disbanded today, they would go down as one of the most monumental rock bands of the past fifteen years. Jeff Tweedy is under-appreciated for his ability to craft a catchy and powerful song. The Whole Love is too poppy for its own good. But underneath all that shine are some truly powerful lines. The Whole Love (Deluxe Version) – Wilco


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