Palpable Poetry

Here at WFW, we’re always looking out for that raw quality—something to make your jaw drop, like Denis Diderot once wrote: “Poetry must have something in it that is barbaric, vast and wild.” We hope these poems do just that for you—whether it’s through Day’s “Dinner” with Jesus, Gamutan’s “College Love” recollections, Soto’s “Blighted Spirit” rising anew, or Keel’s haikus.

Enjoy ‘em, and remember to submit your own vast and wild verses!

Siobhan Watson
Managing & Poetry Editor

Poems by Holly Day


When Jesus came to dinner
He was perfect. He complimented me
on my silverware pattern
although He didn’t seem to notice
I’d put the good china out.

Later, over coffee and cake
He’d admitted that He hadn’t been following politics too much
had been absorbed in tracking weather patterns
bird migrations
global things.

“If it’s on television, I probably
haven’t seen it,” He explained.

Truth in Sutures

there is a Madonna in my veins but I
can’t figure out which on she’s in. opening them
one by one seems futile.

there is still something holy left in me but I
don’t know which bone it’s buried in. it hurts
when I burn holes in myself, and I’m still
not even close to finding my Christ.


the man on the bus stop tells me
all about Armageddon
like it’s Christmas, or his birthday, something
beautiful and happy and
a reason to keep smoking
God will fix him in the end.

He offers me a cigarette because
it smells better than second-hand smoke
and I take it because it tastes better
than second-hand smoke. God

will cure us both of our addictions
in the end.

Author’s Bio: Holly Day is a housewife and mother of two living in Minneapolis,Minnesota. Her poetry has recently appeared in Hawaii Pacific Review, The Oxford American, and Slipstream. Her book publications include Music Composition for Dummies, Guitar-All-in-One for Dummies, and Music Theory for Dummies, which has recently been translated into French, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

Poems Sarah Gamutan

College Love Disdain

He twisted a lot of muscles last night like a
seafarer wading through the waters lit by his moon.
He was the proudest miniscule among them all putting
some t-shirt on which labeled “The Pseudo Craig.” The

fishes branded him, though he didn’t want it. Perhaps, he
needed not just a wooden boat but some huge ships for
him to raise some tail up the ground- that ground where
they said was sunken in his 6-feet water. He stretched

both his arms while inhaling the sea breeze. I eavesdropped
when he chatted with his fellow half human and half hypocrites.
I called it his graveyard, wondered why my lovely Craig went
sailing with mermaids, damn oceanic dreams, some ships, pilots
and nautical obsession. Yeah, I knew he wanted it two decades ago
when we all drooled with sexy ladies around lame college campuses.

Saggy, Baggy

I am talking about when we grow old, we will all look like
my grandma who irritates her own brain asking how old is
she again. I foretell she will live longer and her teeth will be

innumerably wonderful. I always tell her I love her that at
times, love is not enough, that an entire existence will never
make us happy. She gives me a vision that a beauty like hers

will fade way. At first, I jokingly stretch her skin, pull it and
put it back in place. She hits me with a weak aura saying –
“Beauty lives in one heart, it resides within.” I barely hear her,

but it lets me stop for a while, choke, puke all phallics and hide
some nose rings. I’d learn from a new draggy, wrinkly morning.

Author’s Bio: Sarah Gamutan’s poems have been published in many online literary journals including Carty’s Poetry Journal, Western Australia Poets Inc., The Beat, Literary Kicks, Haggard and Halloo Publications, The Camel Saloon, Rainbow Rose, Voxpoetica and The Sound of Poetry Review. She lives in Philippines where she works as a Customer Support Associate by night and a poet at heart by day.

Poems by Esteban Luis Soto

Blighted Spirit

My dear kindred spirit,

Why blight the windows to your luminous soul
And smear them with sludge of doldrums’ dole?
Why fear the gaze of your inner mirror
When you know it’s only you, yet clearer?

Remember bathing in waters of content,
When auras glowed blue and spirits spent?
Oh, dear friend, we were children of new,
And you burnt into this world the fire that was you!

But now the path you paved is lost,
To candied demons and weeds of thought.
Step now, meek soul, into the fire that is me!
To a Phoenix of spiritual reverie!

Live again!

Author’s Bio: Esteban Luis Soto currently resides in Austin and continues to write and partake in musical projects. He was recently a winner in the annual Franklin-Christoph poetry contest as well as being a featured poet in Magnapoets “Love Anthology” due to be released in April. His novelette entitled, “The Remarkable Martin Faulkner,” is now available through

Poems by Michael Keel

Two Haikus

Across the table
A new baby stares at me
My wedding tie stained with soup

Webs on leaves above
Light glows through the canopy
Mosquitoes dancing

Author’s Bio: Michael Keel is 34 years old and currently freelances for a few magazines with articles covering food, wine and local businesses in Northern California. He is also a X-head chef managing a kitchen and currently working on two other books. His passions lie in writing, traveling, learning about different cultures and eating different foods from around the world. His website can be found here:


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