Best of Write from Wrong: Reviews

While selecting our favorites for the “Best of Write from Wrong: Reviews” section, we must take the time to thank all those who contributed their reviews of various works and the authors who have been generous enough to let us review their works. Last but not least, we would like to thank our Reviews Editor Peter Bartels for the wonderful job he has done as well as the wonderful reviews.

With that said, we present to you a review of “Sigh No More” by Mumford & Sons and “The Voting Booth After Dark” by Vanessa Garcia.

“These two reviews caught my attention, and I actually wanted to pursue the subject of each review. Great, concise language and very down to Earth.”- Courtney McNamara, SA Editor

“Both of these reviews offer a chance for the reader to explore a different genre while keeping the audience engaged by utilizing multimedia.”- Paulina Stachnik, Photography & Arts Editor

“The reviews give a positively – and seemingly accurate – description and evaluation of the pieces they cover”- Siobhan Watson, Managing Editor

Sigh No More- Mumford & Sons (5th Issue)

Vanessa Garcia’s “The Voting Booth After Dark” (11th Issue)

[“Sigh No More” is filled to the brim with drama. Each track is an epic: a journey full of fallouts and crescendos and lyrics that would sound utterly ridiculous if they weren’t sung with such sincerity and surrounded by such power. Every song ends with a flourish befitting an encore or an anthem, only to be followed by yet another, equally emotive number.] – By Peter Bartels

[Vanessa Libertad Garcia does not shy away from using the graphic images associated with the impulsive, reckless lifestyles of the young people in this collection of work. Almost every installment in the compilation alludes to the the false comforts of alcohol and the late-night darkness of the polluted clubs frequented by this group of people. However, the one-word titles, with the exception of the first poem, all denote emotions universal to the human experience.] – By Courtney McNamara


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