Best of Write from Wrong: Photography & Art

Hayley, our fiction editor said, “Of all the lovely work we’ve published, my favorite piece is a photograph from our fifth issue taken by Edward Palm of his aunt, Josephine Sickenger and son, Daniel. The photograph, appeals to me because of its aesthetic beauty and because of tenderness it expresses-in the way the boy and the woman look at each other, the smile in his eyes, and the way her hands are placed over his.” If a photograph is worth a thousand words, then these pictures will leave you speechless. Feel free to also let us know which photographs you enjoyed from our first year. Special thanks to Tyler Fitzpatrick, Annelise Furnald, Ed Palm, Elan Parker, Emily Barge, and our very own Paulina Stachnik.

“I asked my brother to select the photos that spoke to him. “Character and humor,” was what drew him to these choices. It was really fun to experience the montage of works through his fresh eyes.”- Paulina Stachnik, Photography & Arts Editor

“Still, the unspoken words and emotion echo loudly as you look on”- Greg Howard, Creative Nonfiction Editor

“Also of note is the sole painting included here, Parker’s “Blinded by Form,” which captures a similar artistic eye and spirit that few can claim and harness as their own. The oil on canvas work makes excellent use of color, “popping” off the page at first, and second, and third, glance.”- Siobhan Watson, Managing Editor

Annelise Furnald – Indigo
A Thousand & One Words Issue 3


Elan Parker – Blinded By Form
Color Coded Issue 7

Blinded By Form (Oil On Canvas)

Edward Palm – Swedish Gun
Picture Perfect Issue 5

This monument to non-violence is in Malmo, Sweden. I took this photo in 2004

Aunt Jo & Daniel

This is a photo of my aunt, Mrs. Josephine Sickenger, who was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s at the time. She could no longer speak or recognize me. But she still seems to have felt a connection with my son Daniel, whom she used to babysit when she was well. I took this photo in 1982 in Wilmington, Delaware.

Tyler Fitzpatrick – Train Tracks
Live, Laugh, Love Issue 1

Submitted by Tyler Fitzpatrick

Paulina Stachnik – Roses
Picture This Issue 4

Emily Barge – Girls in Sapa
Spread Love


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