Best of Write from Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Readers, Artists, Life-livers, and World-Inhabitants,

In order to achieve greatness, you must set goals. In order to set goals, you must dream. In order to dream, you must impress your imagination. Write from Wrong started from my imagination a little more than a year ago from today. With the help of WfW’s 5 editors, that imagination was cultivated and a dream began to blossom.

We had a dream that– we were the people, so we could publish what the people liked. We sought out to satisfy the aural taste-buds of our readers and viewers with the best of the work we received. With the help of all those who submitted their work, the people who have helped our literary magazine create its online presence through social media, the literary lovers who spread the joys of Write from Wrong with the word-of-mouth approach, and to those who may even be new to our publication, we have fulfilled the goals that we set when we first began our journey of literary achievement.

A simple goal of Write from Wrong by way of the road to literary achievement was making sure we could publish the best of the art we received for free because we believe all good art should be available to all those who search for it.

If you search here, you will successfully find good art.

EB White once wrote, “Tears being a distillation of all melancholy vapors rising from the human heart” as a way to describe crying; however, as I’ve looked back on the hard work of my favorite-five editors and the input and help of everyone, I must say that those tears come from the love and joys that arise from my heart.

I hope you enjoy looking over the best of the best that was selected by the editors here at Write from Wrong.

Special thanks to all the authors, sites, and writing programs that were spotlighted in our first year. Special thanks to all those who submitted work, whether rejected or accepted. We enjoyed reading every piece of artwork we received this year. Special thanks to my staff for their dedication. Special thanks to Thalia Bardell, a student from Emerson. We have published two of her pieces and her piece, “Peels” is the most viewed piece over the course of our first year. And special thanks to you the reader. Everything that we do, we do it for you.

On the road to literary greatness, we ask that you help us out and spread the word about our literary magazine. Our next issue will mark the end of our first year and the beginning of our second year as a publication. Tell a friend to tell a friend about the literary magazine of the future.

We will see a lot of growth in the upcoming months as we are hiring new people to bring on our staff to expand our range of art into other realms such as music and theatre. We thank those who have been on this ride with us since the beginning. And we hope those of you that are just joining will enjoy the cruise controlled ride of great, aesthetically pleasing art.

With all the love in my heart,
Donald Vincent
Write from Wrong Literary Magazine

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our Best of the Year Issue:

Editor’s Note


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