Spotlight Author: Enzo Surin

“Different Projects Guided By the Same Theme” By Courtney McNamara Poetry itself can often be a source of inspiration, a figurative set of words that, when interpreted by an individual, serves as a supply of strength. Certain poems carry themes of hope, courage, and vitality but are typically masked by intricate language and flowery verses. … Continue reading

Spotlight Author: Erin Ponton Fiero

“Practice What You Preach: Learning While You Teach” By Greg Howard Many of us wouldn’t be where we are, or who we are, without the one or two teachers in our life, the one or two kind, challenging, motivational people that over the course of a year, or a semester, or a lecture, filled us … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Phonetic Poems

February is a wonderful month. The Write from Wrong team sends our love for Valentine’s Day packed in these perfect, simple poems. Poets Jennifer Browne, Kristene Brown, and Keith Gaboury twirl the power of language with every word on the page. T.S. Eliot once wrote, “Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood.” These poets … Continue reading

Photography & Arts: Spread Love

Last month we, the Write From Wrong family, asked our readers to reflect on and submit a photo of what they love. We received some beautiful images and I’d like to send a warm thanks to those who participated! Next month’s theme: Traditions. How are they present in your life? As always, the theme is … Continue reading

Reviews: Daughters of Empire

“Daughters of Empire: A Memoir of a Year in Britain and Beyond” by Jane Satterfield shows the author’s knack for literature and language. The conciseness of Satterfield’s use of language is enough to leave the reader craving more. The rhythms of her sentences and prose make this a pithy piece of work. Satterfield shows that … Continue reading

Creative Nonfiction: How Not to Embrace Maternal Depravity

Stephanie B. spices, simmers, and serves her written entrees with a generous slathering of whimsy. She fostered her voice during creative writing courses as an English Literature undergraduate at the University of California at Berkeley. Currently she’s working toward a master’s degree in magazine journalism in New York City. Originally from Sacramento, California, Stephanie hasn’t … Continue reading

Fiction Section: Free Fiction

Mystery is an important element of storytelling. It awakens curiosity in the minds of readers, invokes questions that draw them through a story, and promises to let them in on a secret. Even in stories outside of this genre, the slightest hint of mystery can cast a certain spell. The three stories we have chosen … Continue reading

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