Photography & Arts: Peace, Love & Happiness

I have always been somewhat of a hippie. Perhaps it has to do with my bucolic upbringing, or the fact that my mom didn’t let me cut my hair until I was twelve; wherever the roots can be found this ethereal earthiness has always been big factor in my perception of the world.

Recently, while filling out an information form for my Tae Kown Do classes, I was asked to state my religion. As the question beckoned to be answered in black and white I found myself thinking of how exactly I wanted to state what I believed in. Beliefs, or “What you love” as my Thai co-teacher described it, are so often labeled in our world that it’s easy to forget what lies beneath those words.

So, what did I love?

The past seven months in Asia have taken me on spiritual loops I could have never dreamed of—raised Catholic, drawn to neo-paganism, and now embracing Buddha’s philosophy didn’t exactly fit in the tiny provided box. So I went with my gut:

“Peace, Love, and Happiness.”

Those three words, or symbols since I decided to draw them, represent the core of what I believe in—and it took me that line to verbalize it. For so often, I realized have lived with my beliefs thriving inside—asking to be shared, sung, spoken—yet remained out of the reach of expression. This month, I’m going to attempt to put those values in pictures and I would want to encourage all of our readers to join in doing the same. Send in photos that represent your core, your values. As always this is a judge-free zone…we’re just looking forward to sharing the love. (Ah, and there’s that hippie again). ☺

-Paulina, Photo & Art Editor


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