Spotlight Author: Jocelyn Emerson

Spotlight Author: Jocelyn Emerson – By Courtney McNamara “Universal Poetry” When I think of the disciplines of poetry and science, I tend to imagine two different domains, two different lenses in which to process the world around us. The questions of science do not seem to cross the wonderings of poetry. However, this opinion was … Continue reading

Poetry Section: Pristine Poems

Henry David Thoreau once said, “Be not simply good – be good for something.” If writers Sergio Antonio Ortiz, RL Greenfield, David McLean, Anthony Jones, and Justin Hyde aren’t good for anything else in the world (which we are sure they are), then they are definitely good for writing poems for those who can never … Continue reading

Photography & Arts: Peace, Love & Happiness

I have always been somewhat of a hippie. Perhaps it has to do with my bucolic upbringing, or the fact that my mom didn’t let me cut my hair until I was twelve; wherever the roots can be found this ethereal earthiness has always been big factor in my perception of the world. Recently, while … Continue reading

Reviews: True Grit

Review of “True Grit”- Directed by the Coen Brothers By Peter Bartels Much of the talk surrounding the Coen brothers’ newest product True Grit has been concerned with the fact that it is actually a remake of an adaptation. Many moviegoers will remember the 1969 film of the same name starring John Wayne as U.S. … Continue reading

Creative Nonfiction: Cancer of the Mouth

Carolyn Sun is a graduate of Tufts University where she majored in psychology and studied people for fun. Her short stories have appeared in and the Asian American Workshop’s “Korean American Anthologies.” She’s written for the Los Angeles Times, Soma and Big magazine. Currently, she’s working on her Master’s in Journalism at New York … Continue reading

Fiction Section: Fancy Fiction

With our first issue of the New Year, we have three riveting pieces of flash fiction for a nice, quick leisurely read. Writers Janet Yung, Thomas Healy, and Kim Farleigh takes us on a journey as they help us at Write From Wrong by submitting these wonderful short stories. Our New Year’s resolution is to … Continue reading

Editor’s Note- Seventh Issue

Dearest Readers, T’is the season to be jolly. Not just because the holidays are here, but because our seventh issue completes our issues for the 2010 year. This issue is packed with plenty of gifts; and if you’re feeling frugal for the holidays, simply take any poem from the Promising Poem section or any of … Continue reading

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