Spotlight Author: Write For A Cause

“The Holidays are the Write Time to Make a Change”
– Courtney McNamara

While browsing the Internet one day looking for holiday writing contests, only a few stuck out to me. No, they were not the contests with the greatest reward of a million dollar prize. Rather, the opportunities that leaped off the browser were the chances to make a difference through writing.

Many of us out there write for the sheer joy of putting the pen to the page and manipulating the English language to express our thoughts and feelings during specific moments. Sometimes we wonder if our skills with the written word could even (gasp) earn us money someday. But what about writing because it can make a change?

That is exactly the idea behind Demand Media Studios 2010 holiday “contest” called “Write for a Cause”. This promotion helps out the group where reading matters the most: children. According to Demand Media Studios, they will donate a book to a child in need for every 8 articles submitted to Demand Media Studios. These articles are generally informative articles for sites you are interested in such as, and Not a bad way to spread your knowledge.

Credit: Hayley Battaglia

Demand Media Studios also presented a pretty startling fact about children’s literacy: There is only 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children in low-income neighborhoods. I can name about 5 books that I associate with the holidays alone, and there are children out there who probably have no idea what literary marvels they are missing out on. But the campaign does not end there. Harper Collins is seeing the total donation of Demand Media Studios and not only matching it, but doubling it with their own donation of books. (Way to go, Harper Collins).

Although this campaign ends today, December 15, it is a sign that there are always chances out there to use your writing for a good cause. Taking the time to see what you can do could be well worth it. I found out about this campaign from Facebook, so perhaps Mark Zuckerberg is the man to thank for the power social media can have. You can check out Write for a Cause with Demand Studios on Facebook, as well as on their website at

So, don’t let your pens hibernate this holiday season and look into what you can do simply by sharing your writing.


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