Spotlight Author: Writing for the Right Reasons

“The Party of Publishing”
Publishing is not always a party, no pun intended, for any author especially those going through the process for the first time. But JC McCreary, author of the recently published fiction novel, The Party, was willing to share some of her experiences with us here at Write from Wrong.

A Capitol Hill native still residing near our nation’s capital, McCreary has always known she wanted to be an author. Since the age of 13, she has always writiten with the dream of someday being published. Just to get people to look at something you have written can be a frustrating process, a major stressor for the exhibited writer. However, when it comes to anxiety about how people will judge your writing, it all comes back to the fact that someone is actually reading your work. McCreary shared with me, “I have always worried that people would directly associate me with the characters in my book, sex, drugs, opinions, etc. but, then I realized that if someone was reading my work that it meant that I was published and so who cares, right?.”

Associations between authors and the characters they create can be a natural reaction for a reader, but according to McCreary creating characters can be quite therapeutic. The characters are a voice for the ideas inside her head. Fiction can be a great outlet to express opinions through the actions of characters and the plot line of stories. Some authors have a habit of focusing on characters that are completely out of their own realm of experience, but McCreary likes to make her writing relatable. She said, “I know that people like to laugh and to know that they are not strange or alone in the things that they go through, think or do everyday.” Even through fiction, it is comforting to know that someone else out there goes through the same mishaps, dilemmas and funny moments. Sometimes, it can be hard to put together all of these thoughts into a cohesive work.

The writing process behind McCreary’s first published novel, The Party, was a long one. She shared with me some of the behind the scenes details about how it got to the printing press. “The Party was a story I stared writing about two years ago. I did a couple of chapters and then just stopped. Last year I decided to finish it so I prayed on it and it flowed almost as if someone were dictating it to me and I was just putting it down on paper. “ If you are lucky, all you need is to get the flow started and the story will write itself. McCreary reminded me that with fiction, it is all about giving the readers a ride with characters they want to travel with.

The publishing process was not as natural as the writing process for McCreary. She explained to me the confusion that comes along with finding a publisher. She finally settled on self-publishing, so she can maintain ownership of her work. Authorhouse ended up snatching up The Party and getting McCreary started!

Perhaps the most exciting part of the writing process, as a fellow writer, is to watch your work spread to eager readers. McCreary is currently promoting The Party with a book signing on August 20th. The signing will take place in Washington D.C., at The Holiday Inn Capitol, from 5:00-8:00pm. If you are in the area, what better way to spread the joy of reading and writing than by sharing in the success of a first time published author? You can also purchase the book at, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and of course your local book store. Want to know more about what The Party is all about? Check out this blurb about this hot new work of fiction, sure to be a great wrap up for all of your own summer partying!

Sherry is a no nonsense, knows what she wants and how to get it young woman. This year at her annual Christmas Eve gathering she wants Richie, a self made millionaire, though questionable, business man of sorts as her date for the evening. A few days before the event Richie has a revelation of his own, by way of a dream. He wants Sherry for more than just “a date for the evening” but as he gets dressed to meet his future “bride” at her condo, he is surprised by Kelly. She is a dark secret from his past, someone that Sherry nor any of his other friends must EVER find out about. While Richie is delayed trying to get away from Kelly, Sherry is at her condo, dressed to kill with all the champagne and delicious appetizers, waiting for her man and her friends. She looks out the window, watching what had been predicted as a snow storm of 2 to 3 inches, turn into a blizzard! Funny thing but, the snow will not be the reason that none of her guest ever arrive at “THE PARTY”! Copyright (c) February 2010 by JC McCreary.

Check out more at and for information on purchasing the book in good old paperback, and also in an e-copy for all of you tech-savvy readers out there!


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