Best of Write From Wrong: Editor’s Note

Dear Anyone Who Was Ever Told They Couldn’t Do Something In Life, I hope you tried. I hope you gave it your all. I hope that if you love something, you promise to put everything you can possibly give into it. I hope because myself along with 7 others (Siobhan, Greg, Taylor, Hayley, Keith, Courtney, … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Spotlights

“The Louder Than A Bomb Spotlight stuck out to me, not only because I was able to partake in Massachusetts’s first LTAB poetry slam, but because it brings together youth from all over the state with the poetry as the unifying interest. LTAB brings out the talents of the youth, which is inspiring to people … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Poetry

Poetry can be defined as the language the soul uses to express emotions. With that said, poets April Chye, Sandra Florence, Changming Yuan, Keith Moul, Lynda Bullerwell, and Holly Day have translated their souls onto paper which has earned them a spot in our annual Best of the Year Issue. “While at Write From Wrong … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Photography & Art

“Regardless of the medium in a canvas or a pen for example, these works amaze.” – Keith Gaboury, Book Review Editor “My reason for the Forgotten Faces selection is simply how the photos stayed with me even months after seeing them. I think the beautiful description says it best, “When I think of a culture … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Reviews

“I really enjoyed the review of the legendary Bruce’s latest endeavor because the piece was not afraid to acknowledge Bruce for what he is. My favorite line was, ‘Springsteen has always been a working class troubadour (at times without merit) while gracefully straddling the line between classic and cheesy.’ Well said” – Courtney McNamara, Spotlight … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Creative Nonfiction

“Simply put, I love Gina Douglas’s piece.” – Gregory Howard, Creative Nonfiction Editor “Douglas has crystal clear prose. Her essay is both enlightening and thought provoking. Joy’s piece will transport readers to an era- perhaps from their own past. It captures in the unchanging social rituals of teens with astounding sharpness.” –¬†Hayley Battaglia, Fiction Editor … Continue reading

Best of Write From Wrong: Fiction

“This story paints a clear picture in my mind of the close relationship shared with the young narrator and his grandfather. I love the way the grandfather crafts these whimsical metaphors, using nature to teach his grandson. Wexelblatt writes beautiful, poet descriptions” – Hayley Battaglia, Fiction Editor “The beauty of this story lies in its … Continue reading

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